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Science and Technology Portfolio

Schering-Plough - National Data Center Feasibility Study

Tennessee and New Jersey

Rock Brook performed a national data center feasibility study for Schering-Plough. The project included a site visit to Schering-Plough’s Tennessee and New Jersey Data Center facilities in order to perform an analysis of their existing infrastructure and to develop options to upgrade their Data Center facilities. The analysis included critical systems such as UPS Systems, standby generators, medium-voltage power distribution, chilled water systems, condenser water systems, etc.

The scope of the project also included a complete engineering feasibility study for Schering-Plough in order to determine the estimated construction cost and the feasibility of upgrading its main corporate Data Center to a fault tolerant and redundant facility.  The scope of the study included Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV considerations.  The feasibility study included an analysis of the Data Center’s existing infrastructure as well as various options to cost-effectively upgrade the Data Center.

Lundbeck Research, USA - Neuro Science Building

Paramus, NJ

A 15,000 square foot renovation and 15,000 square foot expansion of the existing building to support vivarium, laboratory and ancillary space.  All new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems were provided for this project including air cooled chillers, high efficiency modular hot water boilers, custom air handling equipment, UPS, standby generator, water softeners and waste neutralization.  Existing systems were tied into new where feasible to provide additional backup in the event of an equipment failure in any of the systems.

Ethicon Surgical Center

Somerville, NJ

Renovation of existing laboratory and office space into a state-of-the-art surgical suites training facility for Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson Company) in Somerville, New Jersey.  The HVAC design included the design and specification of a new air handling to supply 100% outside air to tissue laboratories.  It also involved the design and construction of high-end meeting rooms for visiting surgeons and doctors.

First Investors Corporation

Woodbridge, NJ

A 25,000 square foot disaster recovery center for a financial institution.  Critical spaces included a Data Center, conditioned warehouse and disaster recovery area.  Design required new air handling equipment, UPS, standby generator, facility management system, leak detection system and study for standby water supply.

Daiichi-Sankyo Data Center Upgrade

Parsippany, NJ

The project involved the expansion of Daiichi-Sankyo’s existing Data Center, as well as electrical and HVAC upgrades to the existing Data Center.  As part of the project, a new 100kVA UPS System was installed and additional supplemental air conditioning units were designed and specified.  In order to provide adequate standby power to the Data Center, Rock Brook upgraded the existing standby generator distribution feeding critical systems and equipment.

Sankyo New UPS – Data Center Design

Parsippany, NJ

The renovation of approximately 25,000 square feet of Class A office space in Florham Park, New Jersey.  The project included the design of high-end conference room and meeting areas.  It also included  the design of a small Data Center with a new UPS System, standby generator system and automatic transfer switch.  Generator system commissioning was performed as part of this project given the criticality of the newly constructed Data Center.

Agilex Flavors & Fragrances (AromaTech)

Piscataway, NJ

Complete renovation of 22,000 square feet within an existing office building.  The project included the design of new lab space for both Research and Development along with sampling and analyzation. The space also included office space and board rooms. The electrical infrastructure was designed to accommodate the large power requirements of these different labs.

Absorption Systems, Construction Cost Estimate Support – Lab and Office Space

Exton, PA

Preliminary design including a basis of design to support construction cost estimates of 36,000 square feet of research and support space.  The program included all new mechanical and electrical infrastructures with N+1 redundancy.

Absorption Systems, Construction Cost Estimate Support – Lab and Office Space

Ciudad Del Saber, Panama

Development of a basis of design for the renovation to an existing, four story 36,000 square foot building into offices, laboratories and vivarium.  The program included all new mechanical and electrical infrastructures with N+1 redundancy.

Criticom International Mission Critical Sites


Renovation of 15,000 square feet of space on the second floor of a two-story building to mission critical and support space.  In addition to the requirements to code compliance, UL 827 was followed.  New HVAC and electrical systems were installed including redundant HVAC and UPS, backup generation.  Prior to the development of design documents, a due diligence of the existing facility was performed to support the client’s lease negotiations.

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) - Fresh Cancellous Suite

Edison, NJ

The new Fresh Cancellous Suite involved the conversion of multiple rooms from offices to liquid nitrogen storage facilities. HVAC and electrical designs were provided. The renovations included the addition of dedicated exhaust fans, 100% outside air DX units and oxygen sensors in each room. The conversions affected approximately 3000 square feet.

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF)

Jessup, PA

MTF processes and distributes donated human tissue for transplant.  The tissue is stored in subzero freezers.  MTF leased 30,000 square feet of warehouse space to install 230 freezers.  The existing electrical system was upgraded to provide 100% electrical backup from an onsite diesel generator.  The HVAC system was upgraded to remove the additional heat rejected by the freezers.


Plainfield, NJ

Cultech is a manufacturer of high end packaging products.  They are constructing a new 150,000 square foot facility which will include color printers, die cutters, gluing machines and other support equipment.  As part of a design-build team, The Rock Brook Consulting Group is providing electrical, mechanical and plumbing design services to include a 15,000 volt primary electrical service, three unit substations, D-X cooling, humidification, reverse osmosis (RO) water distribution, compressed air system, natural gas piping, storm water drains and domestic water system.

Vascular Access Centers (VAC)

West Orange, NJ

Renovation of approximately 7,000 square feet on the First Floor of a 1978 vintage 50,000 square foot building.  This space includes a Sterile Suite, Exam Rooms, Support Areas, Offices, and a Conference Room.  Baseboard heat was replaced with an overhead radiant panel system.  A new HVAC system was installed to support ventilation and filtration requirements and to provide increased energy efficiency.  HEPA filter were installed as required.  New shafts were installed to accommodate the new HVAC system.  New transformers, distribution panels and submetering systems were installed.  Plumbing requirements included manifolded gases and a new domestic hot water system.

The Princeton SurgiPlex

Princeton, NJ

The analysis and review of the OR Suite, located within the facility, to determine the cause of excessive humidity in the OR Suite.  Provided several design options to correct excessive humidity in the OR Suite.  Design was provided to maintain temperature and humidity conditions of 68 degrees F, 50% RH as well as 62 degrees F, 50% RH.  The design met the mechanical criteria as stated in the “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities”.

A 10,000 square foot private outpatient surgical facility project included testing and analysis of existing mechanical system and redesign.  The surgical area was upgraded requiring the complete replacement of the mechanical system.  The minimum design criteria used was Guideline for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities.

IEEE Data Center

Piscataway, NJ

IEEE is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology.  Their library maintains for than 1.7 million electronic documents for their global membership.  The Rock Brook Consulting Group prepared a study for IEEE’s data center to (1) make recommendations to allow installation of additional data processing equipment to satisfy their 10 year needs (2) Review the power distribution scheme to assess its reliability and fault tolerance (3) review the mechanical systems cooling capacity from both  expandability and fault tolerance aspects.


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